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(Sep 06, 2020)
I just wanted to say that this server is really, but really good. I really enjoy playing on it 🤩
(Aug 03, 2020)
Are there any moderators active? Please contact me!
(Jul 30, 2020)
Can someone have a quick look through the ban appeals? Thanks in advance!
(Jul 03, 2020)
It says I got banned for flying, but I didn't
(Jul 03, 2020)
I've been banned because I got stuck in a glass pane, can I please get unbanned?
(Jun 29, 2020)
I admit I fly on your server being cheating, the reason is simple: I raged because I spent 3 whole days on a jump not to succeed and demoralizing. Please unban me
(Jun 18, 2020)
Hey all
(Jun 17, 2020)
wheres your proof of me hacking items, just wondering
(Jun 17, 2020)
same quesrion matt
(Jun 16, 2020)
I got perm ban Is there any way to get unbanned
(Jun 15, 2020)
been banned on this server for 3 years, just found it again. How rare do you think an unban is?
(Jun 13, 2020)
Been a few months since I got banned. Just wanna check on how everyone is doing
(Jun 10, 2020)
Hey im ban beacause im cheating why ? I have proof that you don't.
(May 17, 2020)
Unban me please
(May 16, 2020)
i cant even message the mod, BS
(May 16, 2020)
just got banned for a name change.... wtf???? atleast msg me first? id rather restart my lvl, idc ab rank
(May 08, 2020)
Hello I'm Bougainvillier in the game, and I get kick every time I try to connect "For flying" because I'm stuck in a block
(May 05, 2020)
Server crashed ?
(Apr 24, 2020)
she say to me failed to verify username in the jupcraft server why? can i fix it?
(Apr 24, 2020)
how to fix failed username bc i want to play parkour