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Jumpcraft Updates

hellosarina / Jan 24, 2019
Welcome to 2019 everyone! Please see below for a list of small updates! In addition to these updates there are lots of new courses and more to come in the future so enjoy parkouring! 🏃


  • Pathway Redesign for Regular and Extreme Lobbies
  • Checkpoint System /returnpk
  • /hide and /show now replace /hideall
  • New 2019 Deluxe tags in the deluxe crate

Checkpoint System

This new command allows you to move freely around the server without having to worry about losing your space in rankup! Want to chill and play some normal parkour maps? You can now do this with /returnpk!

Using the command pulls up a new GUI in which you can select to teleport to a normal Parkour checkpoint or a Rankup checkpoint. Traveling to one of the lobbies will reset your checkpoint so watch out.

  • The price to return to a rank up checkpoint is 5000 Coins
  • Rankups are now locked in. You will need to use /returnpk to leave


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Thank you Sarina, very cool!
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