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Ok so basically R4

CY: 1 of 2 players to fail 3.5 after 4+1 but yeah beaten
R1: Got r2 like 5 times before I learned the failsafe so yeah beaten
R2: Ive only failed the last ladder once beat this too
R3: Only failed once ever and it was because of bs hh but still completed
R4: Favorite room (Completed)
R5: SoccerGang no football allowed (Completed)
R6: Why do HH panes exist? (No completion)
R7: Includes the only jump I cant consistently do in all of XI
R8: Joke of a room fuck R6 lol
R9: 2+1 coords: .297 91.1 Press W wait a tick press sprint wait a tick press jump wait a tick turn in
Sky: Finna fail last jump 10 times

3 mom no dad