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Ban/Mute Appeals

[Pinned] Ban/Mute Appeal Form

Username:Date of Ban:What events occurred leading to your ban/mute?What rule did you break?Why should you be unbanned/unmuted?How do we know you'll behave from now on?What positive qualities do you have that you can bring to the server? i.e. creat...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

Dr_Osu Perma Mute Appeal

Username: Dr_OsuDate of Ban: sometime in 2018 I un banned around 25 days agoWhat events occurred leading to your ban/mute?I told someone that I downloaded the maps to practice as a jokeWhat rule did you break?The rule that does not allow ModsWhy s...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

False Ban Appeal

Username: Pink_JellyfishDate of Ban: 16.3.19What events occurred leading to your ban/mute? I was asking about afk pools as I had a query, then i was testing different mechanics for my parkour map, i sat in a minecart while checking discord, banned...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

Shadow mute appeal - sandhuwarrior

Username: My IGN is sandhuwarrior. I have no nick and I am VIII on JC.Date of Ban: The date of my ban is December 2018 - January 2019.What events occurred leading to your mute? Raging on Smokestack on VII; Failing PT on VII; Failing near VII sky.W...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

Ban Appeal - Keebler17

Username: M31_AndromedaDate of Ban: 18/8/23What events occurred leading to your ban/mute? Went like this: i_t_a_y_PVP: "Oh no sarina is on now I cant hack" me: "same" Then I was banned.What rule did you break? None, but I joked about hacking.Why s...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

Permanent mute appeal

Date of Ban: 4th of January, 2 months agoWhat events occurred leading to your ban/mute? I posted an image of a section in XII and said that it is impossibleWhat rule did you break? [unlisted]Why should you be unbanned/unmuted? Not many people are ...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

Ban Appeal

Username: IMqyHqxYouDate of Ban: 2017/10/01What events occurred leading to your ban/mute? Well I voted then i got banned i have no idea whyWhat rule did you break? The Ban Hammer has SpokenWhy should you be unbanned/unmuted? I Believe that i was f...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

I got banned for no expressed reason... ?

I am not sure why I just got banned by the owner but, it's a perm ban and I'm confused as there was no reason specified, I was just talking in chat and I got banned. Was it something I said?Date of Event: 11 PM PST / March 15, 2019
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Ban/Mute Appeals

Ban Appeal Jonas030405

Username:Jonas030405Date of Ban:2019-02-17What events occurred leading to my ban?I said the N-WordWhat rule did you break?I'm not sure- Hateful/Discriminating language?Why should I be unbanned?I am a better person now and do not speak of such thin...
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Ban/Mute Appeals


Username: InpulseeDate of Ban: 3/14/2019What events occurred leading to your ban/mute? I was talking with EtisIsMyName about a CTf game that he played a while back and he forgot the server it was on. I suggested mc central because it has ctf and m...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

vxgrant (xenobiology)'s Permanent Ban Appeal

Username: vxgrant (formerly known as xenobiology)Date of Ban: 2018-12-01What events occurred leading to your ban/mute? The main punishment was Mute Evasion: I spammed insults and hackusations towards Bommedenna in /dc while being permanently muted...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

unban! me! now!

I just griefed jc discord bc sarina gave me a role with admin perms on it. ITS HER FAULT NOT MINE WTF!!!
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Ban/Mute Appeals

Dr_Osu Mute Appeal

Username: Dr_OsuDate of Ban: I was banned on 2017-4-28 I got unbanned and this is my mute appeal.What events occurred leading to your ban/mute? I told someone that I downloaded the JC server onto a map.What rule did you break? Sporcle informed me ...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

Mute Appeal

Username: DegemDate of Ban: UnsureWhat events occurred leading to your ban/mute?Not quite sure of this.What rule did you break?Unsure of this as well.Why should you be unbanned/unmuted?I think my muting might be unjustified, and if I can learn why...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

Griffin28 Unshadow Mute and Alt's Unban

Username: Griffin28Date of Shadow Mute: 1-17-19What events occurred leading to your Shadow Mute? I was just banned for a week because I did an oopsie on my alt. I was however told I would not be shadow muted. What rule did you break? I'm not entir...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

pessihh_ftw's Ban Appeal

Username:pessihh_ftw, although many of you may know me as "ItSceniz_"Date of Ban:15/08/18What events occurred leading to your ban/mute?Many, first of which was using an account from a speed potion abuser*/hacker(named Copper75) which was apparentl...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

DarkPK - Ban Appeal

Username: DarkPKDate of Ban: 2.03.2019 19:20 GMT +3What events occurred leading to your ban/mute? : - I just downloaded a map from Browser of Jumpcraft. Than I learned that it was bannable. I was surprised a lot. I didn't know that it's bannable. ...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

Dr_Osu Ban Appeal

Username:It is now Dr_OsuIt was OthegreatpapyrusDate of Ban:2017-4-28 I thinkWhat events occurred leading to your ban/mute?I told someone as a joke that I downloaded the mapsWhat rule did you break?Im not 100% sure because I saw other people who h...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

G5R´s ban appeal

Username: G5RDate of Ban: 2017-10-18What events occurred leading to your ban/mute?: I was a dailplayer, so I was getting all the information quick... One day, a player told me, that /fly is enabled for all players, so I tried it... I ranked up fro...
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Ban/Mute Appeals

ban appeal Imqyhqxyou

Username:IMqyHqxYouDate of Ban: 2017-10-1What events occurred leading to your ban/mute? idk i changed my name because i lost a bet?!?!?!?!What rule did you break? i have no idea it says the ban hammer has spokenWhy should you be unbanned/unmuted? ...
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