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Submit your world edit applications here.
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Designer World

[Pinned] Holiday Course Submissions 🎄

Courses below are for themed courses for the Holidays. All other normal submissions should fill out the form and create a new thread. Username:Creators: List of players who contributed to the map.Course Name: PenguinsCourse Difficulty: ExtremePlot...
Small hellosarina 218d
hellosarina10677Small SolarEnderNeutralGender 15d
Designer World

[Pinned] Map Submissions

Fill out the form below. Players will be allowed to vote, comment and give suggestions. Username:Creators: List of players who contributed to the map.Course Name: PenguinsCourse Difficulty: ExtremePlot Number: /p h:5 hellosarinaPlot ID: 1;1Images:...
Small hellosarina 219d
hellosarina1628Small hellosarina 219d
Designer World


Name: NotEnoughXMCreators: NotEnoughXMCourse Name: NostalgiaDifficulty: Extreme/MegaDownload link: Link.Images: Link.Description: Nostalgia is about, obviously, nostalgia. It takes you on a trip through my mind and memories, possibly even yours. I...
Small deeply 20d
deeply7125Small deeply 3d
Designer World

World Edit Submission: Kingdom

Creator: Colonel_Scarface <<III>>Name of Build: KingdomDifficulty: EasyPlot ID: 10;27 Images: if you like it, if not please let me know how to improve my build. Criticism is very ...
Member avatar small Colonel_Scarface 6d
Colonel_Scarface146Member avatar small Colonel_Scarface 6d
Designer World

Green Items

Username: GollumineCreators: Gollumine, MerlinwunderCourse Name: Green ItemsCourse Difficulty: EasyPlot Number: /p h:1 GolluminePlot ID: 5;27Images: We, Merlinwunder and Gollumine, just wanted to build a Jum...
Member avatar small Gollumine 7d
Gollumine220Small minicreeper59 7d
Designer World

World edit application

Username: FlyingWafflez13Number of maps created: 0 of Maps (In the middle of making one)Accepted: 0 (Haven't finished any)Currently Working On: What are you currently working on?A parkour made based of phobiasWhy do you want World Edit?I would lik...
Member avatar small FlyingWafflez13 11d
FlyingWafflez13247Small Sporcle 11d
Designer World

Redecoration of XI courtyard

Hey, imo XI looks pretty good as of right now, maybe some rooms could use a redecoration. But the courtyard is super empty. I'd like to redecorate it since I already have some good ideas for it. Sarina my ign is SandwichSteak right now, if you wan...
Member avatar small RedWizardMagic 14d
RedWizardMagic146Member avatar small RedWizardMagic 14d
Designer World

✅ Artemis Course Submission

Username: ZiodyCreators: Ziody, RileyTheEgg, minicreeper59Course Name: ArtemisCourse Difficulty MediumPlot Number: /p h:2 ZiodyPlot ID: -23;-14Images: I was scrolling through some images and I saw some stuff...
Small Ziody 17d
Ziody137Small Ziody 17d
Designer World

✅ Blast Off!

Username: iCatsCreators: 1CatsSpecial shoutout to Corpeh for the inspiration behind this map, as his 6-year-old build gave me this idea.Course Name: Launch SiteCourse Difficulty: ExtremePlot Number: /p h iCatsPlot ID: 19;-26Images:Description: I w...
Small Cats 25d
Cats164Small Cats 25d
Designer World

propaganda but now its on the right thread

name: reccommendationcreators: just mecourse name: propagandacourse difficulty: hardplot number: /p h reccommendation 2plot id: -7;-4images: you'd wish...
Member avatar small reccommendation 29d
reccommendation486Small Sporcle 28d
Designer World

✅ Course Submission

Username: iCatsCreators: 2. 1) Cats (me), Parkour maker. 2) IAmTheGodKratos, Tester, extra scenery.Course Name: The Cherry MineCourse Difficulty: Medium / HardPlot Number: /p h iCatsPlot ID: 19;-26Images:Description: I was bored at school and when...
Small Cats 28d
Cats284Small ubershouldie 28d
Designer World

✅ Besieged - By jasmine476

Username: jasmine476Creators: jasmine476Course Name: BesiegedCourse Difficulty: ExtremePlot Number: /plot h:1 jasmine476 (first plot)Plot ID: 18;-1Images: From the inner depths of a psycho's mind... a story ...
Member avatar small jasmine476 29d
jasmine476173Member avatar small jasmine476 29d
Designer World


Username: VxrschobenCreators: Vxrschoben, Y6nCourse Name: PumpkinsCourse Difficulty: ExtremePlot Number: /p h:4 VxrschobenPlot ID: -2;-13Images: Me and Y6n built this around a year or longer ago. We just wan...
Member avatar small Vxrschoben 36d
Vxrschoben395Small Sporcle 31d
Designer World

Sweetener | Medium

Username: 8xannysCreators: 8xannysCourse Name: SweetenerCourse Difficulty: MediumPlot Number: /p h:1 8xannysPlot ID: -8;-17Images: Wanted to make a short medium difficulty map. The color scheme reminded me o...
Small 8xannys 41d
8xannys182Small 8xannys 41d
Designer World

Sideways Course

Username: CriteSpranberry_Creators: CriteSpranberry_Course Name: TiltedCourse Difficult: MediumPlot Number: /p h CriteSpranberryPlot ID: -15;-16Description: This was based on a dropper map but it was made to my liking.
Small Jebron Lames 42d
Jebron Lames178Small Jebron Lames 42d
Designer World

A Poem To RoadRunnerPK

My heart skips when I see youMy skin crawls when I feel youYour warm breath against my forehead feels like springBirds chirping and flowers growing inside meI love you
Member avatar small Miikehasta 70d
Miikehasta3172Small Ziody 44d
Designer World

Ores course

The course was fun to make, Slimedfie liked to build triple neos on my plot, and it would be cool if the course was addedUsername | OneMillionApplesCreators | OneMillionApplesCourse Name | OresCourse Difficulty | HardPlot Number | /p h:1 OneMillio...
Small OneMillionApples 51d
OneMillionApples4259Small OneMillionApples 50d
Designer World

Rebirth Submission

Username: NotEnoughXMCreators: NotEnoughXMMap Name: RebirthDifficulty: HardPlot: None. Download link: Link. The map's beginning faces south, and any Y level above 50 and below 150 will include the entire course. Use //paste -a when pasting so it d...
Small deeply 55d
deeply170Small deeply 55d
Designer World

Map Submission [Attempt 1]

My recent thread seems to have been deleted for some reason, so I'm making it againUsername: fingerbirdyCreators: fingerbirdyCourse Name: Ice AgeCourse Difficulty: EasyPlot Number: /p h:1 fingerbirdyPlot ID: 24;20Images: ...
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fingerbirdy2154Member avatar small fingerbirdy 56d
Designer World

Cubed | Extreme

Username | DJ_KeemstarXCreators | DJ_KeemstarXCourse Name | CubedCourse Difficulty | ExtremePlot Number | /p h DJ_KeemstarXPlot ID | 21;-3Images | Click here. DescriptionLook there! What do you see? Cubes. Wait, how about there? Cubes. Just cubes....
Small Keem 57d
Keem195Small Keem 57d