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Course Submissions

[Pinned] Holiday Course Submissions πŸŽ„

Courses below are for themed courses for the Holidays. All other normal submissions should fill out the form and create a new thread. Username:Creators: List of players who contributed to the map.Course Name: PenguinsCourse Difficulty: ExtremePlot...
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Course Submissions

[Pinned] Map Submissions

Fill out the form below. Players will be allowed to vote, comment and give suggestions. Username:Creators: List of players who contributed to the map.Course Name: PenguinsCourse Difficulty: ExtremePlot Number: /p h:5 hellosarinaPlot ID: 1;1Images:...
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Course Submissions

Clarinet - Extreme

Username: MajorGamer56Creators: MajorGamer56, IAmTheGodKratos (and Fuzzbearplush, Sporcle and Redender64)Course Name: ClarinetCourse Difficulty: ExtremePlot Number: /p h MajorGamer56Plot ID: 23;2Images: ClarinetDescription: I play the clarinet a l...
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Course Submissions

Slime - Sandhuwarrior

Username: sandhuwarriorCreator: sandhuwarriorCourse name: SlimeCourse Difficulty: Mega/ExtremePlot number: /plot home sandhuwarriorPlot ID: 24;-5Images: In this fun, awesome course, you'll be taking an adve...
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Course Submissions

βœ… Seven Seas-Medium

Username: ZiodyCreators: ArtsyBoi :DCourse Name: SeavenSeasCourse Difficulty: Maybe Medium???Plot Number: /p h:1 ZiodyPlot ID: -23;22Images: It's an old course that I felt needed to be worked on and polished...
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Ziody257Small habenis 3d
Course Submissions

Hiko | Medium

Username: HabenisCreators: HabenisCourse Name: HikoCourse Difficulty: MediumPlot Number: /p h:2 Habenis Added a few details and refined the map a bit (smexy shaders alert) ID: -25;5D...
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Course Submissions


creator - Lemur04course name - kantodifficulty - medium/hardplot id - 18;20description: Traverse the kanto region as you come across 6 of its most iconic pokemon, which you will need to parkour around to become a pokemon master!
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Course Submissions

βœ…Hipster | Medium/Hard

Username: HabenisCreators: Habenis, stergiaraCourse Name: Hipster (Not sure of the name)Course Difficulty: Medium/HardPlot Number: /p h stergiaraPlot ID: -24;-25Images: Hot map with the trendiest wears.
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Course Submissions

Thor's Hammer Map - MegaCraftPK

Username: MegaCraftPKCreators: MegaCraftPK ubershouldie PerpOwOCourse Name: Thor's HammerCourse Difficulty: Easy (Maybe Medium)Plot Number: /p h MegaCraftPK 6Plot ID: 14;-17Images: I have always loved super ...
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Course Submissions

βœ… Cannon Map Submission - MegaCraftPK

Username: MegaCraftPK Creators: MegaCraftPK Habenis RoadRunnerPk ZiodyCourse Name: CannonCourse Difficulty: Easy/MediumPlot Number: /p h MegaCraftPK 3Plot ID: 23;8 Since I wanted to start creating courses for...
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Course Submissions

Pacman - medium

Username: FuzzbearplushCreators: FuzzbearplushCourse Name: pacmanCourse Difficulty: mediumPlot Number: /plot h Fuzzbearplush:2Plot ID: 23;10Images: A map theme i just thought of, doesn't seem there is a cour...
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Fuzz bearplush 478Small Perpollo 9d
Course Submissions

Pen&Paper | Easy

Username: HabenisCreators: HabenisCourse Name: Pen&PaperCourse Difficulty: EasyPlot Number: /p h:3 habenisPlot ID: 12;-15Images: A short little stage. If there is any other Pen and paper stages, then.. r...
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Course Submissions


username - PerpOwO (im not a furry)creators - me (perp)course name - kaleidoscopedifficulty - easy/medplot number - /p h:8 PerpOwOplot id - -5;25desc. - a concept that ive kept for a while, a puzzle map where you have to find your way to get to th...
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Course Submissions

βœ… Millionaire - Hard

Username: habenisCreators: habenis, ZiodyCourse Name: MillionaireCourse Difficulty: HardPlot Number: /p h:10 ZiodyPlot ID: 24;18Images: We got the idea after we talked about making a new cour$e, and the them...
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Course Submissions

Glass Pain - Hard

Username: HeroNineteenCreators: HeroNineteenCourse Name: Glass PainCourse Difficulty: HardPlot Number: /p h:1 HeroNineteenPlot ID: 25;-19Images:
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Course Submissions

IX Remastered Submission

Username: deeplyinsorrowCreators: deeplyinsorrowName: IX Remastered (or IXv2)Difficulty: Extreme (but preferably put into rankup lobby because of the other v2 rankups)Plot: There is no plot. It is on another server where I built it, but the downlo...
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Course Submissions

Furnace - Easy

Username: habenisCreators: habenisCourse Name: FurnaceCourse Difficulty: EasyPlot Number: /p h:2 habenisPlot ID: -25;5Images: I've been submitting waaay to many maps, haven't I? Oh well, this is my map, fur...
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Course Submissions

Over The Wall (Medium)

Looks pretty cool. a bit short maybe? idk
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Course Submissions

Pride - Easy (Maybe Medium?)

Username: habenisCreators: habenis, cryerinCourse Name: PrideCourse Difficulty: Easy (Possibly Medium)Plot Number: /p h:1 cryerinPlot ID: 8;-25Images: Flags of pride! It's okay to be gay.
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Course Submissions

βœ… New Map: Small Town

Username: iPringleeCreators: iPringleeCourse Name: Small TownCourse Difficulty: EasyPlot Number: /p h:1 iPringleePlot ID: -24;-20Images: My course is a small map with a quick and easy parkour course. It feat...
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