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Course Submissions

[Pinned] Holiday Course Submissions 🎄

Courses below are for themed courses for the Holidays. All other normal submissions should fill out the form and create a new thread. Username:Creators: List of players who contributed to the map.Course Name: PenguinsCourse Difficulty: ExtremePlot...
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Course Submissions

[Pinned] Map Submissions

Fill out the form below. Players will be allowed to vote, comment and give suggestions. Username:Creators: List of players who contributed to the map.Course Name: PenguinsCourse Difficulty: ExtremePlot Number: /p h:5 hellosarinaPlot ID: 1;1Images:...
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Course Submissions

BulletinBoard Course Submission

Username:Creators: List of players who contributed to the map.Course Name: BulletinBoardCourse Difficulty: ExtremePlot Number: /p h:9 ArtsyBoiPlot ID: 24;-7Images: I got this idea from all the sticky n...
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Course Submissions

Map Submission :: Apocalyptic

Username: AshlarieCreators: AshlarieCourse Name: ApocalypticCourse Difficulty: Hard/ExtremePlot Number: /p h:1 AshlariePlot ID: -20;6Images: This course is about a virus that has taken over the world a...
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Course Submissions

Map submission: Birds

Username: RileyTheEgg & Chelz9 (we both made major parts of the map)Creators: RileyTheEgg, Chelz9, PerpolloCourse name: BirdsCourse difficulty: EasyPlot number: /p h:4 RileyTheEggPlot ID: 20;9Images: Pig...
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Course Submissions

Map: TRex

Username: RoadRunnerPkCreators: RoadRunnerPk, XXDeathkillerXXXCourse Name: TRexCourse Difficulty: Medium/HardPlot Number: /p h:1 RoadRunnerPkPlot ID: 15;-12Images: Have you ever been to a natural history mus...
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Course Submissions

Garden House: Map deleted I think it was denied

Username: fingerbirdyCourse name:Difficulty: Medium >> Hard (Pick one)Number: /p h:1 fingerbirdyID: 24 ; 20Helpers: sandhuwarrior - Build like 10 blocks in the last room.Description: I had an idea to try to make a better course than last tim...
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Course Submissions

[Light] map sub

Username: OpenAICreators: OpenAI, seriphiusCourse Name: LightCourse Difficulty: HardPlot Number: /p h OpenAIPlot ID: 14,-17Images: I've played many easy and medium courses over the past 2 weeks. I've always ...
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Course Submissions

Map Submittion 1: Fish musuem [attemp 2 retried]

NEW:Master Creator: fingerbirdyHelpers: --Course name: Fish MuseumCourse difficulty: EasyPlot: /p h:1 fingerbirdyPlot ID: 24:20Images:Description: Description: This is my first course. The course is mainly regular jumps. There are two places where...
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Course Submissions

Map: Powerful Roblox God

Fill out the form below. Players will be allowed to vote, comment and give suggestions. Username: _DeezCashewsCreators: _DeezCashews, CoCaptainAwesomeCourse Name: Powerful Roblox GodCourse Difficulty: Normal / HardPlot Number: /p h:1 _DeezCashewsP...
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Course Submissions

Voyage Course Submission

Username: seriphiusCreators: seriphius, awesomeboy44445Course Name: VoyageCourse Difficulty: EasyPlot Number: /p h seriphiusPlot ID: 13;-6Images: I've always been 'obsessed' with history, especially vi...
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Course Submissions

SnackBar course submission

Username: seriphiusCreators: seriphiusCourse Name: SnackBarCourse Difficulty: HardPlot Number: /p h seriphiusPlot ID: 13;-6Images: Th...
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Course Submissions

my map called: getting to heaven

Username: anticheatclientCreators: anticheatclientCourse Name: getting to heavenCourse Difficulty: normalPlot Number: Plot ID: 24;22Images: hey everyone my name is AntiCheatClient and im a fellow parkour lov...
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Course Submissions

Map Submission - Odyssey [EXTREME]

Username: PerpolloCreators: jingleinbells, PerpolloCourse Name: Odyssey - (From Super Mario Odyssey)Course Difficulty: ExtremePlot Number: /p h:5 PerpolloPlot ID: 18;-15Images: One night, we were talking abo...
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Course Submissions

Map submission I: Fish Museum (Attemp #2)

Original attempt: Master Creator: fingerbirdy Helpers: -- Course name: Fish Museum Course difficulty: Easy Plot: /p h:1 fingerbirdy Plot ID: 24:20 Images: Description: Desc...
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Course Submissions

Please add :D

Username: fingerbirdyCreators: fingerbirdyCourse name: HotRunCourse difficulty: EasyPlot number: /p h:1 fingerbirdyPlot ID: 24:20Description: This is my first course. The course is mainly regular jumps. There are two places where there are slime b...
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Course Submissions

3rd Attempt on Redesigning Sky Lobby Pathway I toned the patterns down so it doesn't look overwhelming compared to the courses around it, it's what i thought when I saw my extreme pathway redesign with other courses^It's like screaming BOOOOOOM BABYYYY ...
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Course Submissions

2nd Attempt on Redesigning Sky Lobby Pathway

/p h Foofling 2 (normal lobby):Mine (extreme lobby):From above:@hellosarina Didn't change much but yeah that's how I would "completely" redesign the pathway :p is there anything you want to be changed? I'll try
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Course Submissions

My attempt on a sky lobby pathway redesign

/p h foofling 2original - extreme lobby - normal lobby*insert feedback*
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Course Submissions

EDIT - Map Submission - Mewtwo

Username: 2ndbananafarmerCreators: 2ndbananafarmer, Sporcle, Perpollo and minicreeper59Course Name: MewtwoCourse Difficulty: HardPlot Number: /p h:3 2ndbananafarmerPlot ID: 7;21Images: Some challenging parko...
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