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The tragic struggle of mike (copy)pasta

Hey Jumpcraft! I'm the player known as Mikehasta, and lately I feel like you guys have been treating me pretty unfairly. Cuz I know that I'm kind of a meme right now, because of my staff app basically, but my staff app, it doesn't define me as a p...
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General Discussion

Hit or mini

This was a large waste of time... (click here)
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General Discussion

Weekly Favorite Nomination Thread #5 - 12/01/18-19/01/18

Vote for your weekly favorite here! Add a good reason for your favorite and it might count double!
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General Discussion

Progress on X but relevant people only

I WANT TO SWITCH RELEVANT TO ACTIVE BUT IDK HOWLatest XI: PicobitSky: Sporcle, Mario_Blue, XXDeathkillerXXX, AUNQIUE, SteeghoSaurus, HorseDuck, crazy4pokemon, Alg0rythmB9: Perpollo, ItsRobPvPzB8-9:B8:B7-8:B7:B6: Anaphora, Manugrk, ThirteenZebrasB5...
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Bye going vavcacavtion

Going vaca for 17 days lol! Cyaaa kbye have fun on jc n stuf lol
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General Discussion

About practice server...

Practice server needs to be updated. It’s that simple. Not only are there not nearly all of the sky courses, but ranks xi and xii are very under updated. Sarina, if you don’t want to update it yourself, please at least give mini perms or someth...
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General Discussion

Jxson's Bet + Christmas lottery

this is just for fun it's not important or anything, but it's as follows 😇comment what skill level I'll reach before 2019I am currently level 77 and hope to reach level 100 in 1 month!if you win the bet you win 10k (only 1 winner)if you comment on...
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General Discussion

Open for Donation

Hey, Recently I lost 5mil from getting reborn tag and really wanted to get level 101. However, because I'm stupid I thought I'd wait a little before actually getting level 101 but I did an oopsie and yeah. Luckily, Sarina gave me back 1mil :)Anywa...
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General Discussion

ArtsyBoi's Global Custom

Hey JC! I've made a global custom tag for the server! Here are the hints:1) Dive in to the deep blue!2) Many people walk right by this!3) Invisible parkour! Muahaha! As if now, the tag is not out. Sarina has told me she will start adding it in aft...
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General Discussion

A 1mil Well Hosted Tourney

Good aftermorning all,I am writing to just talk about a 1mil tourney I will be hosting with hypl and possibly Mario (who will both be fairly participating). I know a lot of tournaments are rushed and bad, but I promise you this tourney has had tho...
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General Discussion

Random TBH

Here's me at 1 mill jumps with Sarina !'s me with 3 mill today with Sporcle ! in same spot for old times sake 😀
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General Discussion

Global Tag Announcement + reward (500K!)

Hi,Me (TheSmartFox) and Traw decided to hide a brand new global tag! The first one to find it wins 500K parcoins! Somewhere in JumpCraft there is a hidden sign that will teleport you to an 'extremely' challenging parkour. Beat it and the tag is yo...
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General Discussion

What does paying for a tag and buying a skin on Fortnite have in common?

Both places you're spending your money on will die soon.Scrap that.One of them's already dead
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General Discussion

2018 Christmas Event Finale

Hello Everyone! I want to thank everyone who was able to join the event, no matter how long you stayed! I will post the screenshots below, feel free to post any screenshots you took as well! Updates: - No more Halloween Events! The Halloween Event...
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General Discussion

Weekly Favorite Nomination Thread #4 - 24/12/2018 - 31/12/2018

Vote for your nomination for the weekly favorite (seen to the right at /spawn) below! If you provide a good reason then your vote may count double!
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General Discussion

Is there still a paid unban option??

Hi there. Not sure if anyone remembers me, but I got banned last year in August for hacking up to XII sign, which got me banned. Then 3 and a half months later, I was granted access to the server again. I don't know why, but I got banned again bec...
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General Discussion

Survival players - rollback to 6 AM PST this morning? Or have no rollback at all?

As most of us know there was a rollback that caused some amounts of stuff to be lost in the survival world. We have the option to have it rolled back to 6 AM or to keep it the way it is right now. Vote please (Only if you play survival)
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General Discussion

Official Christmas Event 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome to the official post of Christmas event (2018)! As always I try to keep my posts short and to the point, so we'll just get on with the information right away!Event Rules:- You must be a part of the JC Discord- You must have...
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General Discussion

Mikehasta Is Doing Great Since He Left

Hey jumpcraft, Mikehasta here.Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm doing great and honestly I don't even miss JumpCraft. Since I quit I'm so much more positive and happy, I'm doing well in school, I got a girlfriend, and yesterday for the fir...
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General Discussion

There Has Been A Spork Invasion On The Event Plot!

Bois, The Spork Crue Wishes You A Merry Christmas!There :3
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