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Ban Appeal - M31_Andromeda (Formerly Keebler17)

Username: M31_Andromeda, formerly Keebler17Date of Ban: 2019/8/23What events occurred leading to your ban/mute? I replied "same" to someone saying (paraphrased) "Oh no sarina's on now I cant hack"What rule did you break? NoneWhy should you be unba...
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General Discussion

The Everyplot 2

Over the past era on jc, it hasn't been as fun with the newer players. The older folk remember panda, poh, the sisters, and the entire old community and how lively it was. The old community was thriving and very active in many activities, one incl...
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If I got unbanned on my alt can I join with another alt
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Racial Slurrs and Filter Bypass

Someone on the server was bypassing the filter and saying the N word. Evidence
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BanAppel Forum Spam

Hey yall might wanna delete some posts from the forums as little trolls decided to get yalls server. I cant even get to my own appeal with them trolling
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Progress on X but relevant people only

I WANT TO SWITCH RELEVANT TO ACTIVE BUT IDK HOWLatest XI: PicobitSky: Sporcle, Mario_Blue, XXDeathkillerXXX, AUNQIUE, SteeghoSaurus, HorseDuck, crazy4pokemon, Alg0rythmB9: Perpollo, ItsRobPvPzB8-9:B8:B7-8:B7:B6: Anaphora, Manugrk, ThirteenZebrasB5...
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Hey server can you upgrade to 1.14.2 because i will get my admin i applied for this friday and if i can't get in by friday then i can't get my admin and it would be too difficult to change vers of minecraft so upgrade to 1.14.2 so i can join
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I'm being impersonated on the JC Subreddit

Could the Reddit user u/tsnrpig be banned from the JC Subreddit? I am being impersonated on this thread -
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Show me some mercy sarina?

I was doing JCgames when the server crashed...My score was set at 976 and I wasn't able to continue upon relogging.
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Bye guys

Ok this isnt gonna be some long thing im basically just saying uh goodbye guys its been a really fun 3 years but im just bored pk isnt exciting me and ive found new things and shit ya knowi left the discord and any discord relating to minecraft/JC...
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I have hidden 64 blocks of diamonds in a chest somewhere in the survival world.Start digging.
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As a lot of you have probably noticed, I've been pretty inactive on the server. Because of this, I've taken the decision to stand down as it's unfair to keep up this position. Reasons for this include a mix of thing, other interests including spen...
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Tag Tier List (Fight me in the replies.)

This Tier List is based off Aesthetic (Color and such)[b]andEnjoyment finding it[/b]. Also hints, *Cough cough saying "the tag" as the only hint isn't very cash money of you.*Not OrderedSarina God Tier: <<Explorer((u))>>S-Tier: <&lt...
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1,000,000 Megatournament Signups!

This is fairly abrupt, and may come as a surprise, but for the past three months I have been coming up with the best tournament I could think of. Me and Pigpatty have formulated a set of rules, ideas, and unique round styles to make this tournamen...
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The Legend of Mathlover999

Petition for RoadRunnerPk to change his IGN back to Mathlover999, because math really rocks!Help it's for a good cause.
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Easter Contest 2019

Post your submissions below! You have until April 23rd to post your entry! Here are some examples from the 2018 contest! Please see the example below for your submission.Username: HellosarinaPictures:
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The Best Rankup Course | Grand Final

The Grand Final for the best rankup course has started! Submit your votes using the link below You can only open the link once!
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Greatest Easter submission to exist

i spent over 3 minutes working on this. best work i have ever made
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Mikehasta Youtube Channel

Hello JumpCraft, I have decided to make a youtube channel. I'll be recording videos on the server every other week or so, so lemme know what you guys want to see. Also Sarina I guess this means I get the youtuber rank now so I'd appreciate that AS...
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General Discussion

simao1235 epic haxor (idk why but there was weird music playing in the beginning of the vid)so pls ban him he msged me ^ok ty
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