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Pig's Grand Puzzle

Hello everyone! I am pigpatty bringing you an announcement. I have decided to set up a puzzle competition never seen before! Everything you need to know is in this discord server.To pull you players in, the money prize is two million parcoins for ...
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General Discussion

Bug Report: Balance Reset?

Yesterday, I was on the server opening crates and getting drop parties. I was up to about 300k at the time. I left to quickly let my dog out and I come back to see that my balance has been reset. I'm not sure if this was a glitch or not. I checked...
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Griffin132Small Griffin 6d
General Discussion

Why am I banned?

Why am I banned? The reason provided when I log in is "The Ban Hammer has spoken!", which, if you can't tell, really isn't descriptive. There are 11 rules. Which one did I break, and when?I was respectful to other players and staff.I was ethical.I...
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Progress of Everyone on XI and XII

IF YOU GET BANNED YOU ARE REMOVED FROM THE NORMAL LIST AND ADDED TO THE LIST BELOWBanned XI's and XII's that I am aware of: Vinzz, AuGod, abax, a7, CupBanned player pbs:m3 - 4: Cupm1: Vinzz, a7r7: abaxCy: AuGodProgress on XII: (I will add more mac...
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contest thing (read full post for details)

hiso before i officially quit jc ive always wanted to hold a contest thing like squid did so here it is. the contest will start near the end of march so i have time to gather players and set stuff up. the top 3 people will get prizes so stay tuned...
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I bought keys, but I was in the creative world

I bought 2 deluxe keys, but I was in the creative world, and I can't send them over to spawn to open them
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How many tags do you have?

How many tags do you currently have ?Comment so that we can come back to this post at the end of the year and see how many more we've obtained !
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A spammer

Dunno if this is the right place, but there's a kid called Benbo743 who was spammingN1g*a from manacubeN1g**er from manacubethen whats is common between jews and cars they both need gasthenwhat is the difference between santa and jewssanta goes do...
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What was the date of my shadow mute?

Somewhere in January, I have been shadow muted for being 'cancer to chat'. May I please know the date of my shadow mute?
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Discord Invite

Hey, It appears your web link for discord and the one is spawn are both 'invalid links'. Can I get an invite link for the Discord if it isn't too much trouble.Thanks!IGN : 10IQEDIT: I haven't been banned or anything, the link just never worked.
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General Discussion

Survival Refund

Hi, current Toadette Queen hereI was just wondering, as I and a few players have noticed /lobby survival /join survival /camp is gone, will we be able to get a refund of our 1 million coins assuming survival was shut down ?Thanks !- Toadette Queen...
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pro tip from the biggest shithead ever (not shitpost)

if u can avoid being a shithead like me do ittrust me it will only fuck u up, in my case mentally and it hurt my enjoyment of the gameeven if its needed w some peoplenot saying u should be a robotbut please just avoid being oneand also this is som...
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I have hidden 64 blocks of diamonds in a chest somewhere in the survival world.Start digging.
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Three Christmas Lovers

As requested:
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JC Discord Invite

Hi I need a JC discord invite please because I got kicked/banned from the little incident thingy
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General Discussion

The tragic struggle of mike (copy)pasta

Hey Jumpcraft! I'm the player known as Mikehasta, and lately I feel like you guys have been treating me pretty unfairly. Cuz I know that I'm kind of a meme right now, because of my staff app basically, but my staff app, it doesn't define me as a p...
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Hit or mini

This was a large waste of time... (click here)
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General Discussion

Weekly Favorite Nomination Thread #5 - 12/01/18-19/01/18

Vote for your weekly favorite here! Add a good reason for your favorite and it might count double!
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General Discussion

Progress on X but relevant people only

I WANT TO SWITCH RELEVANT TO ACTIVE BUT IDK HOWLatest XI: PicobitSky: Sporcle, Mario_Blue, XXDeathkillerXXX, AUNQIUE, SteeghoSaurus, HorseDuck, crazy4pokemon, Alg0rythmB9: Perpollo, ItsRobPvPzB8-9:B8:B7-8:B7:B6: Anaphora, Manugrk, ThirteenZebrasB5...
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Bye going vavcacavtion

Going vaca for 17 days lol! Cyaaa kbye have fun on jc n stuf lol
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