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Username: YT_Cuba

Date of Ban: 2019-11-09

What events occurred leading to your ban/mute? I was banned for sharing accounts to rank up which led to my ban.

What rule did you break? Account sharing.

Why should you be unbanned/unmuted? I’ve learnt from my actions not to do what I did and there’s not many good parkour servers around lately except for Jumpcraft.

How do we know you'll behave from now on? The only time I ever switched accounts is when I really knew I couldn’t do the parkour but I’ve learnt that I just have to deal with not being able to do it until I can do it.

What positive qualities do you have that you can bring to the server? E.g creating maps - I’m not really good at much except parkour but if I ever need to do something I’ll try it even if it invokes building maps

Other Information: I’ve learnt a lot from my actions and over the past two years I have wished nothing but to play my favourite server Jumpcraft. Thank you.
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