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#14871504 Sep 05, 2021 at 09:18 AM
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Worldedit request-


Number of maps created: fully created 1 but deleted likely 10 maps in progress.
Accepted: 1 out of 1

Currently Working On: Im working on mega course.

Why do you want World Edit?
I would like world edit because it will allow me to transform and landscape courses much easier. Huge maps are going to be faster too.

What i can make? I can make fun parkour courses, possibly good looking mega courses too.

What will you design once you have access to world edit? I will design my great idea and build it. (mega)

Previous Work: Post images of your previous work.

What is your favorite type of Cheese? My favourite types of cheese are Fedam and Feta for sure.

As always, follow server rules. Abuse of your permissions will result in a ban.

Below are some commands you will gain access to in the Designer world.


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