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Username: KireyJoestar (but when i ban, i think it was ZeyJoestar)

Date of Ban: 2020/06/03

What events occurred leading to your ban/mute?

Hello, before I start I am sorry for my English knowing that I am French, and thank you in advance for taking the time to read my application.

To begin, I started playing on your server during the Covid-19 crisis with the confinement. I had to play for 1 or 2 weeks on your server before I was banned. For what reason ? I used a fly. But why? Here is the reason:
I was on the same level for 2/3 days, since the beginning I was playing without cheating, like any normal player but after a while it started to annoy me and a friend joined me (WalidDZ or something like that) and as he never played on the server he started to fly. Being influenced and at the end I decided to do the same and I saw that some people were laughing so I continued, until I received my ban.

What rule did you break?

Why should you be unbanned/unmuted?

I think I can be unban because everyone deserves a second chance, right? I didn't really mean any harm by doing this and that's why I apologize to you. I just wanted to make people laugh by continuing. Also I have grown up (within a year yes xd) and I am aware of my mistakes, otherwise I wouldn't write to you and I wouldn't apologize.

How do we know you'll behave from now on?
Until I get a second chance I can't prove it to you, I can only promise you that I will behave properly and the moderation team will see it with their own eyes

What positive qualities do you have that you can bring to the server?

I think I can bring visibility to the server as well as sympathy knowing that I have never been toxic. Moreover I used to play it from time to time with my friends, so it made the propaganda!

Other Information:

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