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(Side Note, I had this Uploaded and it glitched and now I have to rewrite the entire thing, awesome!)

Recently I have been doing a lot of work on my plots and I have world edit commands, but I feel that often I'm in a position where I am extremely limited to what I am able to do on my plot and with world edit, and some new commands would be nice to increase my productivity and make using world edit less tedious.

Commands JC World-Editers Would Benefit From
  • //replacenear
  • This is one of the most essential world edit commands that I would very much like to be able to use when working on builds, because trying to change certain blocks to know how it looks or completely change a large portion of an intricate build makes it very tedious and I end up spending much more time on replacing blocks with a small region selector rather than being able to fly around with //replacenear , which is why I would want this command.
  • Larger Region Selection
  • Not being able to move structures or builds up a few blocks makes it very annoying sometimes and there is no way around it other than having to rebuild everything, which isn't fun. This also makes things harder to cut and make outlines for something, or paste certain things correctly.
  • //thru
  • Having //thru is a good command for the reason being that without destroying certain parts of the structure or breaking the interior of places you world edit in, you can just go through with ease.
  • //move
  • This command will help move structures with ease rather than having to //set 0 and then pasting it, which may take multiple tries and is tedious.
  • //stack
  • Great command to have to efficiently make pillars and change blocks without damaging anything.

Any Other Commands I Forgot? Reply with other useful commands!
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