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#14173106 Jul 08, 2019 at 03:55 PM
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Username: RileyTheEgg

Timezone: CST

How long have you played on this server? I’ve been actively playing since June of 2017.

How active are you? I’m on almost everyday, usually right after school (3pm-5pm) and late at night (9pm-4am).

What languages do I speak? Only English

Why should you become a staff member on the server? When I first joined Jumpcraft, I was initially very lost and only due to some players offering help by answering some of my questions on where to go and what to do, along with showing me how to do some difficult jumps at the time, was I able to properly play and enjoy the server. Since then, I’ve always striven to help players in any way I could find. Because of this, I’ve acquired knowledge on almost all aspects of the server, everything from how to rankup, what skill tokens are, familiarity with the forums and the Discord, common offenses committed by players, and many other parts of the server.

Speaking of the rules and their punishments, let’s go over specific rules and how I would respond to players breaking them:

For all offenses, if there have been previous offenses, especially ones in the recent past, there punishments will exponentially grow with their punishment history. Along with this, if someone commits multiple offenses, say bypassing and spamming, their punishments will stack, e.g. 2 hours for bypassing and 3 hours for spamming would be 5 total hours for their punishment.

Chat Offenses
Bypassing: One of the most common offenses on Jumpcraft are players bypassing the filter in chat, whether it be by censoring a letter with an asterisk, spacing out a filtered word, or other various ways of bypassing. Players who are bypassing the filter in any way will receive one warning before being muted for two hours.
sally1234_: Hey guys can we swear on here? No, well that h e c k i n g sucks lmao.
RileyTheEgg: Don’t bypass the filter
sally1234_: He_ck you egg
RileyTheEgg: /mute sally1234_ 2h Bypassing the filter.

Testing the Filter: Testing the filter by excessively spamming filtered words to see the consequent filtered version is also against the rules as it not only floods the chat, but also encourages others to join in on testing the filter. For these offenses, the player testing will receive one warning before receiving a two hour mute. For other players that may join in on testing the filter, they will not receive extra warnings and will be muted for two hours as well.
IWasTesting77: Quack
IWasTesting77: Fudge
RileyTheEgg: Don’t test the filter, it becomes unnecessary spam.
IWasTesting77: Dummy
IWasTesting77: Kitty
RileyTheEgg: /mute IWasTesting12 2h Excessive testing of the filter.

Spam: Spamming, whether it be continuously spamming singular letters or an entire sentence in chat, can cause issues between players communicating in chat, as well as distracting players from parkouring. Because of this, players who spam in the chat will receive one warning before being muted for three hours.
JohnFromDownTheStreet: SPAM IS BEST HAM
JohnFromDownTheStreet: SPAM IS BEST HAM1
RileyTheEgg: Don’t spam please.
JohnFromDownTheStreet: Oh ok
JohnFromDownTheStreet: SPAM IS BEST HAM2
RileyTheEgg: /mute JohnFromDownTheStreet 3h Spam.

Flood: Flooding the chat is slightly different to spamming, as flooding still impedes conversation in the chat, but rather than the same character or phrase being repeated, a series of phrases, such as song lyrics, are said in quick succession. Players who flood the chat will receive one warning before being muted for two hours.
xXFloodNotHackXx: We're no strangers to love. You know the rules and so do I.
xXFloodNotHackXx:A full commitment's what I'm thinking of. You wouldn't get this from any other guy
xXFloodNotHackXx: I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling. Gotta make you understand,
RileyTheEgg: Please don’t flood the chat with song lyrics, thanks :D
xXFloodNotHackXx: Never gonna give you up. Never gonna let you down
Never gonna run around and desert you.
RileyTheEgg: /mute xXFloodNotHackXx 2h Flooding chat.

Minechat Abuse: Recently, a new chat channel called Minechat, which connects to the server and allows players to chat on the server while not being online, was added. While this was a great addition to the Discord server, it has some downsides: the ability to bypass, use special characters and color codes, and write paragraphs that exceed the amount minecraft will allow, among other things. For these offenses, the player’s donor permissions would be removed for two hours.
DiscordGod2627: &1ä&2ã&3å&4ā&5à&6á&7â&8æ
RileyTheEgg: DiscordGod2627, don't use special characters or color codes in minechat, server rules still apply.
DiscordGod2627: Ókäy, I won’t. How about instead I write a really long message even though its also against the rules and also not allowed since it floods the minecraft chat but since I’m just an example for your app I’m just going to go ahead and keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep on typing so that I get the point across, also heck you :)
RileyTheEgg: Okay DiscordGod2627, you’ll get your donor perms back in two hours.

Whether it be purposeful or accidental advertising, using the chat to advertise another server and intentionally take players from Jumpcraft is against the rules for obvious reasons, and players who purposefully advertise will receive a 24 hour mute, while accidental advertising will be granted with a warning before receiving a 3 hour mute.
AdvertiserFriendly: Want to come to a great server??? join -> <- and it’ll be just like you’re playing fortnite!
RileyTheEgg: Don’t advertise other servers in the chat please.
RileyTheEgg: /mute AdvertiserFriendly 24h Purposeful advertisement.

Non-Chat Offenses

Hacking: Using hacks in any way, including but not limited to lagback hacks, speed hacks, slow fall, and flying, are prohibited on the server as they grant players unfair advantages. Anyone using these types of hacks will be banned without warning for 7 days, or the maximum amount of time T-Mods can ban for, along with being jailed permanently, and a report being sent to members higher up on the staff team for a permanent ban.
UOVO: /helpop Hey I need help, there’s a person here lagbacking on VI neos
RileyTheEgg: /msg UOVO Ok thank you, I’ll watch them, what was their username?
UOVO: /helpop DefNotAHacker
RileyTheEgg: /jail DefNotAHacker jail 10y Malicious Hacks
RileyTheEgg: /tempban DefNotAHacker 7d Using hacks
RileyTheEgg: /msg UOVO They were hacking and have been banned, thank you.

RileyTheEgg (In Staff chat on Discord): Hey I banned DefNotAHacker for using lagback hacks in VI, could a mod or admin permanently ban them?
RileyTheEgg: /mail hellosarina I banned DefNotAHacker for lagbacking in VI, if you could perm ban them for me

Trapdoor trolling: In rankups such as in II and IV, trapdoors are utilized as both decoration and a unique type of parkour. However, some players will flip trapdoors purposefully from underneath others, causing them to fall and undeservingly lose progress. Any players caught trapdoor trolling others will be warned once before being jailed for 2-4 hours.
IJustWantToDoIV: /helpop Someone keeps flipping the trapdoors from underneath me on the jumps!
RileyTheEgg: /msg IJustWantToDoIV What was their IGN, and where are you guys?
IJustWantToDoIV: /helpop its FlipFlopTheTD and we’re in the trapdoor room in IV
RileyTheEgg: Please don’t trapdoor troll other players FlipFlopTheTD
FlipFlopTheTD: lol nah
RileyTheEgg: /jail FlipFlopTheTD jail 2h
RileyTheEgg: /msg IJustWantToDoIV I watched them trapdoor troll you, they’ve been jailed for two hours.

Exploiting: Using exploits or glitches to gain advantages over others, obtaining illegal items, or potentially breaking parts of the server is strictly against the rules. For any players that abusively use an exploit or continuously use an exploit after being asked to stop will be punished accordingly to the severity and the nature of the exploit.
Example 1:
Kirpy: /helpop Someone keeps killing me with a potion on their plot help!
RileyTheEgg: /msg Kirpy What plot is it and what is the players username?
Kirpy: /helpop /p h Kirpy and his name is Xpl01t1ng
RileyTheEgg: /msg Kirpy Ok, I’ll check it out, thanks for reporting it :D
RileyTheEgg: /msg Xpl01t1ng Where did you get that potion from?
Xpl01t1ng: /msg RileyTheEgg why do you want to know? im not going to tell you anyways
RileyTheEgg: Ok Xpl01t1ng, you’ll be jailed for a few hours to review on your actions.
RileyTheEgg: /jail Xpl01t1ng jail 4h

Example 2:
_BabyMarkov: /helpop there’s a way to skip to the end of corruptworld btw
RileyTheEgg: /msg _BabyMarkov Okay thank you, has anyone you know been exploiting it?
_BabyMarkov: /helpop yea lol this person named CqrruptMqn12 is doing this a lot
RileyTheEgg: /msg _BabyMarkov: Ok, thank you, it’ll be patched shortly
RileyTheEgg: /msg CqrruptMqn12 If you’re using the shortcut to gain coins quickly, please stop
CqrruptMqn12: /msg RileyTheEgg lmao its ez coins and skill points, im going to get legend tag this month and be rich, you can’t stop me lmao t-mod L
RileyTheEgg: /jail CqrruptMqn12 jail 8h

What skills do you have?
Since I’ve been on the server for two years, I have extensive knowledge of the courses on the server, commands, common questions and the answers to them, expectations of the staff team, and I can display a positive attitude day in and day out while on the server. Along with this, I’ve been actively answering questions about the server from players, and warning unknowing players if they’ve broken rules so that they don’t continue. Because of this, I know that I can not only keep up with the current staff team, but also make useful contributions such as suggestions like the #reports channel that was accepted and experimentation with possible commands or plugins that could be added to the server to possibly make moderating easier, improve the ease and accessibility of the server, or add new features for players to enjoy.

What prior experience do you have?
During my time on the server, I’ve observed how staff members are supposed to act, as well as responsibilities they have while on the server. As for enforcing the rules, I’ve recorded, uploaded, and sent videos of players hacking to staff members on multiple occasions, and when there were no staff on to watch players. As well as reporting players in either discord or /helpop. Along with this, I’ve always reminded players of the rules and reported those who have continuously broken rules like bypassing the filter or spamming in chat.
As well as my experiences on Minecraft, I also have a job in the fast food industry, which has taught me patience in dealing with others, understanding in instances where some may get upset for reasons other than those at hand, and the importance of treating others with kindness in every interaction.

If you could be any sandwich what type of sandwich would it be and why?
Uhh, obv an Original Chicken Sandwich™ from Chick-fil-A

I hope to be working with the team shortly! :D
#14173107 Jul 08, 2019 at 04:01 PM
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I hope you get staff Riley you would be a great staff member 100 100 100 100 100

Your application is pretty cash money ngl
Username: ArtsyBoi
Discord Name: ArtsyBoi#9207
Role: Coolest dude ever. 😎
#14173175 Jul 08, 2019 at 09:12 PM
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best of luck!! most deserving and likely to get staff
IGN: bonker

Rank: XII
#14173197 Jul 08, 2019 at 10:57 PM
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Riley you've been a great friend over the years and you've shown a great personality that no one else on the server can replicate. Having the ability to become friends with you has caused soo MANY ups in my time knowing you that it's just crazy the times we've had. Imo you finna be one of the greatest staff members JC has had to date and the most qualified to be accepted.

As Walt Disney once said, "The way the get started is to quit talking and begin doing." Just get rid of the quit talking part and you'll be good. I wish the best of luck to ya!

P.S. I can't believe you forgot Spam Sam. Smh...

hI, I lioke PEople SumTimesS!
#14173240 Jul 09, 2019 at 01:03 AM
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also cst is a terrible timezone est is better
hI, I lioke PEople SumTimesS!
#14173627 Jul 09, 2019 at 03:06 PM · Edited 8 days ago
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I was working on assembling a nice traditional response with highlights from each section then spent about 30 minutes assembling the staff team to get me to help do so as a collective staff response until mini told me that he already basically did all that in private so then I left the call in shambles and tears (not really, I just made a loud noise and left).

With that out of the way...

Since pretty much all the sections are good and swell with help from mini (don't feel bad about this, he practically wrote my entire app too) I'll just highlight a few things that need clarification/fixing.

For all offenses, if there have been previous offenses, especially ones in the recent past, there punishments will exponentially grow with their punishment history. Along with this, if someone commits multiple offenses, say bypassing and spamming, their punishments will stack, e.g. 2 hours for bypassing and 3 hours for spamming would be 5 total hours for their punishment.

- Change "there" to "their".

Bypassing: One of the most common offenses on Jumpcraft are players bypassing the filter in chat, whether it be by censoring a letter with an asterisk, spacing out a filtered word, or other various ways of bypassing. Players who are bypassing the filter in any way will receive one warning before being muted for two hours.

- So here's probably the largest mistake I've seen new applicants make, which I also did initially for my app. What I'm trying to get at here is there's a really big level of subjectivity that goes into punishments, so it's very crucial to take a step back and look at the context before delivering a punishment. Would you punish Sporcle, an active player with over 2000 hours for bypassing for the same punishment length (and probably the same number of warnings) as you would punish SporclesAlt, a player with 5 jumps that's just trying to cause havoc and trying to get themself punished?

Another quick fix is to add a situation with someone bypassing their mute (usually in helpop) which is usually just a quick jail or ban.

Overall, I'm very impressed with your app and the detail put into it, best wishes :)
I think I'm supposed to put something here
#14173629 Jul 09, 2019 at 03:08 PM
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Hello Tiley, You’ve got a pretty solid application. I like all the examples that you provided, they seemed pretty realistic. We’ll see what happens from here (:

By the way I’m very upset you didn’t put down BELT as your favorite sandwich. Very disappointed.
#14173632 Jul 09, 2019 at 03:14 PM
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As my main, I approve of this app.
Anyway, this was a very well thought out application and done with great detail. I can tell you took your time to make this and it was very well written.
You as a person are very kind, funny and responsible. I think you are going to fit being staff really well and I wish you all the best in your journey :)
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#14173642 Jul 09, 2019 at 03:43 PM
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I did make a reply to this application shortly after you applied, but then I thought as a staff team we were going to have a collective thoughts and highlight what was good and needs to be improved, I deleted my response, then the idea just died and we beat each other up so let's respond again!

You've already proved to be able to keep up with the staff team and give us a heads up on what goes on when we aren't on.

I was impressed at how formal you made this app and how the situations that you described are very realistic to what would happen on the actual server and the accuracy of punishment.

Your examples with players and creativity made the application have a balance of formality and something to bring interest in while keeping its realism, and it was something I enjoyed a lot.

I didn't like how the original sandwich description wasn't chosen, smh my head.

One Thing To Note
  • Punishments are situational, always make sure to check in with a staff member for /history if possible for the most appropriate punishment. Being able to do so greatly improves how we deal with players on the server.

Overall I would give this app a 7/7 despite me never being banned in this application.
Best of luck, I hope this goes somewhere!
Going over syllabus
#14174008 Jul 10, 2019 at 09:50 AM
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RileyTheEgg, I am so proud of you for finally applying! I read through your application, and you eggsceeded all of my eggspectations. You used straightforward, clear eggsamples of what you would do in crisis/punishment situations, and I feel that you would bring a positive influence to the JumpCraft eggsperience. Ever since you first joined, you have set a positive eggsample on the JumpCraft server. You have always supported the server, no matter how scrambled it may be, or what yolks players tell, or even if players start egging each other on. The server would not be the same without you already, and I am so eggsited to see if you get staff!


#14174172 Jul 10, 2019 at 05:40 PM
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#egg4staff <3
am aggressive happy
#14174192 Jul 10, 2019 at 07:35 PM
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Application is great, but the main thing is that you've already proven yourself to reach the expectations of a staff member.
However, despite the joke about me being a communist, I feel like your punishments should be more lenient depending on the player and the reason why they're breaking a rule. For an example, I had no idea "grape" was censored and tested my message to see what was wrong with it. That doesn't deserve a mute IMO.
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