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#14161418 Jun 09, 2019 at 08:02 PM · Edited 1 minute ago
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Over the past era on jc, it hasn't been as fun with the newer players. The older folk remember panda, poh, the sisters, and the entire old community and how lively it was. The old community was thriving and very active in many activities, one including the everyplot.

The everyplot was a plot where every active player was added to and could build or break whatever they wanted. Anything was allowed and was a piece of jc history. I believe this started as a late night in the jc discord call where everybody was jacking around on a plot. That led to a monument I still refer to up to this date.

That is the full story of the everyplot, but that is not the main idea of this thread.

Ladies and gents, the everyplot 2.

You may build/break/place/edit whatever you want! The sky's the limit, so go nuts. Fill the plot to the brim with rooms, sky builds, spheres, 1x1 towers, etc.

There is only one rule: no griefing.

If you want in, please reply with your name, or if I see you actively online, I will add you to the plot.

Welcome to the everyplot 2.

The plot is /p h:5 pigpatty
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You should also make a de facto rule to not build things that lag the server/other players
I think I'm supposed to put something here
#14161469 Jun 09, 2019 at 10:13 PM
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bananamath yeet
Hi insert random thing here I'm Riley
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Ok, so now that all the feds are gone, meet me up at 3:00 PM tomorrow behind the K-mart at 3920 S. Asted avenue and I'll give some speed potions
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I am the absolute epitome of depression.
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