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#14123201 May 11, 2019 at 10:00 AM · Edited 4 months ago
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Username: Vxrschoben

Creators: Vxrschoben, Y6n

Course Name: Pumpkins

Course Difficulty: Extreme

Plot Number: /p h:4 Vxrschoben

Plot ID: -2;-13


Description: Me and Y6n built this around a year or longer ago. We just wanted to make a fun course. I started Parkour 1 or 2 months again. I went trough my plots and i saw this. This Course is Nostalagia for me and I knew i needed to finish it.
I even made it harder. I remembered not having imgur and couldnt submit this. Now I remastered it and can finally submit it. Y6n did a lot of things in this parkour. Thats why I still mention him , even if I have remastered literally every jump. Without him were this not possible.

All Jumps got tested if they are possible.
#14123209 May 11, 2019 at 10:04 AM
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I hope Y6n will see this.
#14135210 May 15, 2019 at 06:52 PM
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Alright, I have a lot of criticism on this one so bear with me.

-- The Builds --

First, the course is too wide. It won't fit in the lobby.

Although I'm not much of a builder myself, the pumpkins are a bit...unpleasing. All the pumpkins seem to be the same size and shape, and that shape doesn't resemble a pumpkin's textured look and variation from other pumpkins. Use different blocks and a more spherical shape to accomplish this.

The faces look like they spent 30 seconds to make. If you're going to add faces add some light inside the pumpkin and make the faces look more carved, try using stairs and slabs for this.

The inside of the pumpkin just looks effortless. I don't know what you were trying to do here but it should have some seeds or whatever in it to look like an inside.

-- The Parkour --

I'm kind of sad to say that I hoped you would make up for the builds with the parkour...but no.

First, you seemed to have spammed the same headhitters over and over. Yes, I know you can use pessi-headhitter on them making them negligibly easy, but they're boring and repetitive.

The decoration for the parkour is kind of ugly. I would recommend adding some underside cobble walls, fences, even throw in some flower pots or something since you have world edit now (Yin). I don't care, make it creative and don't throw a slab under everything.

There are a few jumps that I like, such as the fence-gate ladder one and some of the trapdoor ones. Add a bit more variation in your parkour - take a simple jump like maybe a neo and then build on that to make it unique and fun.

The checkpoints are far too scarce. Yes, I know that it's an extreme course, but that doesn't allow you to make extensively long transitions between pumpkins - it's almost like I'm playing a rankup course. It's not fun to fail a transition with parkour as hard as what's inside the pumpkins themselves and then having to do that entire pumpkin again, as the point of sky parkour is to be able to return not that far back to your checkpoint and do the jumps again.

So overall, it needs some work. It might even need to be completely scrapped (it won't be so hard the second time because world edit) since the quality it is right now is just not acceptable. Make the pumpkins look more like pumpkins and make it less wide.
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