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hellosarina / Oct 16, 2019

It's that time of the year again, we've all seen it coming! Halloween decorations have been in stores since July and now is the perfect time to get creative!This year we will be holding a contest for those who like being spooky! Draw a picture, ca...

  Iamnotcomputer: i cannot join the server or do anything at all???
  Iamnotcomputer: Can anyone help? Username Iamnotcomputer. I am stuck between two glass frames and keep getting kicked out. If anyone could tp me to spawn that would be greatly appreciated.
  Kev4: gug
  FigoTheMachine: any mod here?
  Oshashera: Why do i get "cannot send chat message" when i try to talk (sorry for my english i'm french)?
  Starco3: ne
  zWellingtonS2: ss
  zWellingtonS2: login omer121013
  Melvyn_craft: Hey any mods can help me pease? I'm glitched on barriers on a parkour and i'm kick for flying :/
  BaccaGamez: The rankup signs do not work for me, and no staff have tried to help me.
  La___Baguette: Hi I got a problem of flying because of glitching with fence, and I can't reconnect
  ewewq: 443
  KeeblerCS: glial is so cool
  fizzybanger: any staff online? i switched to 1.8.8 but im still stuck
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