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hellosarina / Jan 24, 2019

Welcome to 2019 everyone! Please see below for a list of small updates! In addition to these updates there are lots of new courses and more to come in the future so enjoy parkouring! 🏃Updates Pathway Redesign for Regular and Extreme Lobbies Checkp...

  Griffin: hm
  ArtsyBoi: PIGE
  ArtsyBoi: hit that
  ArtsyBoi: poooooop
  ArtsyBoi: poo
  Sandhuwarrior: meep
  RoadRunnerPk: egiP
  Algorythm: mmmmmmmm
  Manu: Pee Oh Oh Pee
  Griffin: eee
  hellosarina: Happy New Years 2019
  RoadRunnerPk: A!AaAaa!AA a aA !aaaaA aAaAAaA!A a aa AaaA aaaA A AaA aa aaAAAa!Aaaaaaaa a a!aAAA! aaaa
  RoadRunnerPk: o h n o y i n t h a t i s t o o b a d
  Perpollo: pee
  3lj: consume
  shigita: no u
  Perpollo: poo
  Squidplumber: Guys i just farted (no homo tho)
  Sporcle: oh ok
You do not have permission to shout