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hellosarina / Oct 16, 2019

It's that time of the year again, we've all seen it coming! Halloween decorations have been in stores since July and now is the perfect time to get creative!This year we will be holding a contest for those who like being spooky! Draw a picture, ca...

  Yoplex: Unban me please
  vexxinq: i cant even message the mod, BS
  vexxinq: just got banned for a name change.... wtf???? atleast msg me first? id rather restart my lvl, idc ab rank
  Bougainvillier: Hello I'm Bougainvillier in the game, and I get kick every time I try to connect "For flying" because I'm stuck in a block
  SorninL: Server crashed ?
  StylishGamers_YT: she say to me failed to verify username in the jupcraft server why? can i fix it?
  StylishGamers_YT: how to fix failed username bc i want to play parkour
  chilirex: My rank was reverted back to I from V.
  Teesa: I got stuck in glass and got kicked for flying how do I fix that
  MiniMac11: I got stuck between fences and I got kicked for flying and now can't get back on
  MCXPStudios78: Where do I Create a Post/
  DleltyPL: unban meeeee
  Dyder: I need help. My rank went from VI to IV (I did nothing; literally didnt log in for few days). Now when I log in I keep getting kicked for fly.
  sigurdagersborg: I got stuck between two fences and then I got kicked for flying
  ZwissCheeze: #Respond
  ZwissCheeze: #JusticeForTheAppeals
  rewq: e
  ewqewqewqe: <b>
  ewqewqewqe: ";--
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