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hellosarina / Nov 10, 2018

The move from Reddit to Shivtr is complete. The forums are all set up and ready for you guys to use. This will allow us to stay more organized and active. If you have any suggestions to improve the forums please feel free to comment below or creat...

  Diama: How to get peasant rabk
  hellosarina: new course Bomber
  crazy4pokemon: Beautiful
  Griffin: SHIP IT
  RileyTheEgg: HI PERP
  Perpollo: HI RILEY
  Ziody: tell uuuus
  Ziody: SARINAA
  hellosarina: Hello everyone visiting.
  SolarEnderNeutralGender: But are you jailb8?
  Sporcle: I am b8
  Sporcle: Hi
  SolarEnderNeutralGender: This is what I feared
  typh: 727
  typh: s
  typh: Gaming
  Anaphora: Hello friends
  Perpollo: hi
  hellosarina: night yall
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