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  BillGrapes: is this loss
  MurcuriPk: Ah
  minicreeper59: Hi there
  Pico: alt rankups are a bad idea change my mind
  Chelzie: heyy
  Griffin: hoi
  Hypl: hi
  Sporcle: hi
  Perpollo: ty
  hellosarina: Happy thanksgiving
  SuperMortar: and i now have an account what
  Anaphora: I have typhoid
  typh: hello
  typh: a
  hellosarina: but whyy
  Brown_Eyez: i spend more time creating parkour courses than actually doing them XD
  Algorythm: bad
  Manu: hi
  Diama: How to get peasant rabk
  hellosarina: new course Bomber
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