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hellosarina / Apr 26, 2019

The winners have been crowned! Lets take a look at some of the submissions that were considered for the TOP prize. All winners below will earn 100k, 2 Deluxe Keys and a Special TagAll other participants will earn a Special TagTop Prize: 300k, $20...

  Ping: Try typing /spawn as quickly as possible...?
  Polarized_1: can anyone help me im glitched out at a checkpoint and keep gettin kicked for flying
  Ping: an answer*
  Ping: Why am I not getting any further action on my appeals? I need answer, as no reason was specified
  Ping: Matt_2006, you can buy 5 drop parties (I think) or appeal.
  Matt_2006: I got perm ban. becouse I was flying. Can I do something to get unbaned? For example: you can reset my account or something... Please
  Overdubbed: also, XII is built up to m5 and people play it
  Overdubbed: ok I just got banned for saying that clinton1aug was in X sky to someone in discord ffs
  KeeblerCS: my news is like 6 months old because im banned and have old banned friends dont kill me
  KeeblerCS: no xii is out and has a rank, but nobody plays it from what i hear
  GreenPing: Is XI still the highest level 🤣 haven’t played in almsot 2 years
  MaxExile_: I think they are doing maintenance
  egbdf333: when did the server turn into a white listed one
  landhole346 : unmute me -SplatoonBaboon
  Redroft: hey Fate
  PIGPLUSRANK: ok could i get my old account stats back?
  VileGaming: Only hacked for one course cuz the fence kept glitching. GG. When Staff are on y'all seem to just not mind the fact that hackers are on and reached XII somehow. I don't understand.
  VileGaming: I got banned y'all whoooooo!
  f1nnie: idk actually know why im here, just wanted to say hi because i have no friends
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