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hellosarina / Apr 17, 2019

Earn some free coins and rewards this Easter. Decorate an easter egg, make some treats or even draw a picture and post it on the easter board HERE. Be creative, use your imagination and earn up to 300k!You can also include pictures of your easter ...

  KeeblerCS: please do not say the nw ord
  Keem: Enticing.
  ubershouldie: im gonna say the n word
  LonePenguin12 / MerlinPk / Akio: Mine got deleted by Sarina .-.
  Ping: Q: when is the ban appeal going to be read? A: never
  Ping: why Miikehasta?
  KeeblerCS: Two weeks, png? Casual.
  Ping: OK I seriously hope that I'm not being ignored - wish me good luck to get noticed please!
  habenis: frick
  Keem: Happy Easter!
  Ping: If any staff is reading this, PLEASE read my ban appeal. I REALLY want to play on this server and not be ignored.
  Keem: Hummus.
  By_LuXz: 5 days and no response...
  Ping: 17 hours and no response D:
  Ping: hi everyone, how are you all?
  By_LuXz: Thanks, you too.
  Ping: anyone reading this I hope you are having a great day
  LonePenguin12 / MerlinPk / Akio: Good luck to whoever reads this
  By_LuXz: Of course. :)
You do not have permission to shout