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hellosarina / Apr 26, 2019

The winners have been crowned! Lets take a look at some of the submissions that were considered for the TOP prize. All winners below will earn 100k, 2 Deluxe Keys and a Special TagAll other participants will earn a Special TagTop Prize: 300k, $20...

  TraumaRanger123: Sarina could you please review this appeal?
  Ping: can any staff who are reading this please handle this appeal? Ty! Link:
  KeeblerCS: how about you dont say all that?
  Pebuss: Anyone want to see some dick
  Pebuss: pebus
  minicreeperisgay: Minicreeper protects 5 year olds from internet meanies
  minicreeperisgay: minicrreper is gay
  KeeblerCS: Does any staff member know why I'm banned? Sporcle doesn't, Mini doesn't, so I think it's just Sarina that could know.
  RadicalYouth: help!
  RileyTheEgg: oh ok
  Formless: 😞
  Griffin: boom
  Griffin: he did do something wrong
  SolarEnderNeutralGender: Change my mind
  SolarEnderNeutralGender: Thanos did nothing wrong
  Cats: It is at spawn...
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