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hellosarina / Oct 16, 2019

It's that time of the year again, we've all seen it coming! Halloween decorations have been in stores since July and now is the perfect time to get creative!This year we will be holding a contest for those who like being spooky! Draw a picture, ca...

  Pico: where halloween prizes at
  Diama: Hi
  KeeblerCS: maybe idk
  KeeblerCS: can a shout be infinitely long can a shout be infinitely long can a shout be infinitely long can a shout be infinitely long
  AgentAdel: I was glitched and I could not enter the server.
  AgentAdel: I need to be unjailed. A moderator jailed me so I can unglitch and told me to tell a staff to unjail me. I can provide proof if nobody believes me.
  Ping: o.o
  KeeblerCS: agree
  CrazyCat: SHOUT
  KeeblerCS: hey sarina when do i get unbanned? just like an estimate or something
  Rosefield: shoutout to my gamerbruh xxxdiarrheatentacion
  Gotoshubadoo: did anyone else get banned for ban evasion
  A7 o/: reeeeeeee
  Ping: One of the mods here is the largest quiz trivia website. I knew I heard that name somewhere.
  Sporcle: sporcle
  hytak: and maybe fix those fences :)
  hytak: if a mod can just teleport me to spawn or something..
  hytak: i am stuck on a fence and get kicked every time i join for "flying"
  Brqdley: hi uh i made a ban appeal and no one has like accpeted/denied it in over a month. can a staff pls review it? Thank you!
  Ping: Try typing /spawn as quickly as possible...?
You do not have permission to shout